French SME Initiative Results In World Leading Full 4G Tactical End-To-End Infrastructure Solution

Cologne, Germany, 27 November 2018 – ETELM, a leading manufacturer of advanced mission critical communications radio infrastructure, has announced a recent strategic partnership with HALYS and ENENSYS to provide a full end-to-end infrastructure solution which will fill the operational requirements of tactical LTE deployments.

The partnership’s solution addresses the challenges that PMR users are facing when requiring autonomous private LTE deployments, as well as providing an advanced solution for communications, surveillance, maintenance, telemetry, data flow and video streaming.

“ETELM is thrilled to have partnered with two great companies, HALYS and ENENSYS, and achieved a full end-to-end infrastructure solution,” said Nicolas Hauswald, Sales and Marketing Director at ETELM. “This is a world-leading solution that is fit for tactical deployments, private networks and PPDR users. The solution is easy to deploy and is adaptable for critical communications in the field – the initiative is fully driven by SMEs and we’re proud to be working with HALYS and ENENSYS on this great achievement.”

The solution allows for dynamic allocation of the bandwidth in broadcast situations in order to optimise radio resources usage, which no other solution in the market currently offers. Additionally, the solution is today the only one available that works in the latest PPDR 68 band.

One of the key strengths offered is all the components for successful operations, from radio to applications are included. It can be used in multi technology radio, both TETRA and LTE.

“An integrated solution is the new approach to interconnection. TETRA is widely deployed and has been a relied upon technology for nearly two decades,” explained Hauswald. “The costs associated with TETRA are lower, but it does not offer the bandwidth that LTE can provide. As the two become integrated, it is crucial that solutions like the one we have created with HALYS and ENENSYS can cater to both networks.”

The solution we have created is currently compliant with 3GPP release 13 and meets the requirements of users in a wide range of sectors, including defence & security, transport, energy and utilities.

Pierre Minot, CEO at ETELM will be speaking on the Mission Critical Forum panel at PMR Expo on 29 November 2018 at 10:30am in Cologne, Germany alongside representatives from The Critical Communications association (TCCA), MECSware GmbH, Air France, ICE Group and TASSTA GmbH. To arrange a briefing with Pierre or Hauswald, please contact

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