Chinese Smart Pole System Brought to the Public Forefront at CEM7 in San Francisco

BEIJING, June 10, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The 7th Clean Energy Ministerial Meeting (CEM7) was held on June 1-2 in San Francisco’s Union Square. During the 2 day event, Sansi was invited to showcase its Smart Pole System and share their latest research results with the participants.

Sansi’s ‘Smart Pole System’ caught the attention of many visitors including the U.S. Secretary of Energy, Dr. Ernest Moniz and China’s Deputy Ministry of Technology, Yin Hejun.

Both leaders showed strong interest in Sansi’s lighting applications and were impressed by the detailed research that was provided. Yin spoke highly of Sansi’s LED technologies and expressed strong expectations for the future.

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Multiple news media outlets including China’s Xinhua News Agency, Phoenix Satellite Television, and the local press were present during the event and took part in learning about Sansi’s ‘Smart Pole System’.

The Smart Pole System includes an integrated system of data acquisition, data processing, data release, emergency alarms, electric charging ports, and base station. All the modules were controlled through an integrated controller and were in direct coordination with each other. The system would help provide cities with a safer and more intelligent road system for its communities.

Sansi’s road lighting systems are highly efficient while using minimal energy consumption. The intelligent lighting systems will help solve a series of problems most cities deal with that include energy consumption, city management, and multi-functional usages.

A report of Sansi and CEM7 can also be found at CEM7 Startups & Solutions Showcase Features Innovative Clean Energy Solutions

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