Retail Contactability – The Definitive Dozen: Research report reveals top 12 UK retailers using optimal technology mix to deliver greatest customer contactability

May 2018 – New research from Yonder Digital Group has identified which top retailers are most successfully deploying contact technology and channels to make it easy for consumers to get in touch with them. The research analysed how readily UK consumers could get in touch with retailers via their preferred channel and evaluated how effectively customer contact technologies (including chatbots, livechat AI, FAQ engines, intelligent forms, live call routing, etc.) had been integrated to provide seamless customer service.

With 81% of consumers taking their business elsewhere if their queries aren’t answered quickly and effectively by a company[1], it is critical that retailers (online and bricks & clicks) are offering as many customer service touch points as possible and responding to those channels quickly and effectively. The research looked at the available contact methods and technologies offered by the UK’s top 100 retailers and awarded scores for how easy they are to contact.

Chris Robinson, Yonder Digital Group CEO, comments, “Many retailers are clearly missing a trick by not having a multi-channel offering built into their customer service. Consumers will take their business elsewhere if they are not getting quick and personalised service back from the retailers. This is particularly important as consumers today have come to expect a choice of channels to use to get in touch with companies.

“Showing customers that they are valued by providing them with multiple, equally well-served, access points is critical to engendering loyalty and growing the customer. In addition to this, the intelligence gathered from these channels can help the business refine strategy, choose products and revise inventory.”

Top 12 most Contactable Retailers
JD Sports
John Lewis

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[1] Yonder Digital Group, It’s personal- and that’s official, February 2017

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