Bunzl Australasia Launches B2B Web Shop with Intershop

  • Outsourcing Services becomes first Bunzl business unit with consistent B2B and B2C online customer experience
  • Tablet devices used as sales productivity tool for account managers
  • Online product set to rise from 9,000 to 30,000

Jena, Germany, 22 August 2017 – Bunzl Australasia Limited has launched its first B2B web shop with the help of Intershop. The Bunzl Outsourcing Services (BOS) business unit distributes a wide range of products to a just as diverse range of businesses including food service, hospitality, and healthcare. The new Intershop-based e-commerce platform is designed to further enhance the customer experience and marks the first in a series of B2B sites that will be rolled out in the coming months.

Keen to provide a consistent user experience, Bunzl built the site to handle both B2B and B2C customers. While the B2C site is not yet live, the functionality may be enabled easily by Bunzl via back office preferences. One of the Company’s objectives was to implement a core framework that may be extended beyond BOS to its other business units, Bunzl Food Processor Supplies and Bunzl Industry and Safety.

Nick Aridas, Head of Marketing & Digital Transformation at Bunzl explains, “The BOS site replaces a legacy ordering system that has an outdated user experience which does not provide access via mobile and tablet devices. Tablet devices, in particular, are not only growing in prominence with our customers; they are also being used as a sales productivity tool by our account managers. The new site will run in parallel with the old site for the next 4-6 months as customers are gradually migrated to the Intershop Commerce Suite.”

Implemented over eight months using an agile delivery model by a small Bunzl team and Intershop consultants, the Intershop Commerce Suite integrates with Bunzl’s ERP system, System 21 for special pricing, order history, credit limits and invoices. Additional integrations with a payment provider, analytics, and address verification were also implemented.

Over the coming months, Bunzl will expand the current online product set of 9,000 products to approximately 30,000, as well as implementing a specialized system (ABENAOS) for healthcare service customers.

Bunzl is an international distribution group that is active in 30 countries across North America, Continental Europe, UK & Ireland, and Australia. The Company’s roots go back to 1854 when Moritz Bunzl opened a small haberdashery business in Bratislava. Bunzl PLC was incorporated in 1940 and is listed on the London stock exchange. Bunzl has since grown into a highly respected and recognized global distribution group.


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