Top Keto Brands Are Cashing In On Hubba’s Popularity With Independent Retailers to Gain Distribution and Traction in Market

TORONTO, Sept. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hubba, the leading digital wholesale marketplace, sees thousands of retail buyers visit its platform to discover emerging brands and source trending products that build customer loyalty and inspire purchases.

With nearly 100 different diet types and thousands of new brands entering an already crowded health and wellness market, more buyers than ever are turning to Hubba’s platform to help differentiate their claims and stay ahead of the curve on customer trends before they enter the mainstream. 

Hubba has been introducing Keto based products to independent retailers across the country for over a year now and introducing buyers to the leading brands. Today 97% of Health and Wellness buyers on Hubba are looking to expand their Keto shelf space with products from exogenous ketones to MCT oil, nut butters to low-sugar jerky, cheeses and more.

“90% of surveyed brands in 2017 said they expect to grow aggressively and are looking for new ways to showcase their products and Hubba’s combination of smart technology and personal curation is the best way for brands to get in front of the right buyers at the right time,” says Danielle Brown, Hubba CMO. “We have seen an influx of Food and Beverage Brands, in particular, joining the platform over the last year looking to be featured and included in the unique buyer discovery and fulfillment experience we provide retailers”

Beyond advanced search capabilities and discovery service, Hubba has introduced new customized Keto Starter Kits for new retail members looking to sample products from some of the best Keto brands to test their performance in store with customers. Top keto brands that have already signed up have successfully secured new wholesale contracts.

New and emerging brands looking to introduce their unique products to a new audience are following suit. Brands focused on the next trends, including products with CBD, palo santo, baobab, ayurvedic centered products, and those products with biodynamic or permaculture practices, for example, should take note as those are the trends we see begin to grow in interest and popularity.


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About Hubba

Hubba is a global wholesale marketplace that powers the new retail economy. Using a combination of machine learning and personal curation, Hubba verifies and connects independent Brands and Retailers, making purchasing the right wholesale products easy. Hubba will become the driving force behind independent retail. By unifying independent Retailers, Hubba gives them the power they need to level the playing field. Hubba currently services 100,000 SMBs and counting.


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