Serviced Apartment Awards Selects ReloQuest Inc. for Best Service Provider Shortlist

SUNRISE, Fla., March 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ReloQuest Inc., is honored to be shortlisted, by the Serviced Apartments Awards, selected for making an outstanding contribution in the category of Best Service Provider. The SA Awards recognize excellence across the extended stay, aparthotel, serviced apartment, and short-term rental sectors.

ReloQuest Inc. will be joining 400 plus industry leaders including operators, owners, travel buyers, investors, agents, service providers and the award winners at London’s 5-star Grange Tower Bridge Hotel on March 19th, 2018. The event will provide an impactful networking opportunity among the best in the global community.

The Judging criteria includes innovation and achievement considering measurement, benchmarks for success and teamwork; as well as, effective and excellent customer or client relations. Leadership via the demonstration of the effective use of resources, and the overall contribution to the sector are also considered.

The Serviced Apartment Awards, recognize commitment and performance, and were created for and by the serviced apartment, aparthotel, extended stay, and short-term rental industry. The award categories identify excellence at individual, team and corporate levels.

This opportunity is following prior recognition in both 2016 and 2017 where ReloQuest was awarded, The Best Use of Technology at the Serviced Apartment Awards in London. Darin Karp, ReloQuest Founder and CEO stated, “Being distinguished for our commitment to client service via the category of Best Service Provider this year is especially rewarding to us because the team’s dedication to our users and the platforms innovation are both being acknowledged.”

Today we are seeing global mobility teams work together in a business partner capacity. As a B2B, and B2E technology ReloQuest supports our clients, assignees, suppliers and their organizations. Commitment to excellence and customer-centric service has created the ReloQuest technology referred to today as the industry “Gold Standard.”

The aggregator technology simplifies the process of sourcing temporary accommodations while supplying: rapid implementation, ease of use, genuine transparency, real-time data, substantial cost reduction, direct communication, reported 80% increases in efficiency, and extensive vetted global supplier representation.

ReloQuest has made real-time reporting possible in many areas. For the first time in our industry users can measure and manage performance. ReloQuest tracks everything entered into the system. With ReloQuest, key market indicators, and analytics help relocation professionals gain actionable insight. Reporting that used to take weeks now takes minutes. ReloQuest turns customer challenges into custom solutions that promote user success.

About ReloQuest

ReloQuest is a business solution that allows companies and employees to search, compare, and book corporate apartments and hotels around the world. The platform was built from industry knowledge understanding the need to develop a comprehensive technology to source accommodations, quickly compare global options based on the needs of the individual, collect data to provide customizable analytics, and proficiently manage a supply chain.

Award-winning ReloQuest creates a streamlined user experience, provides forecasting data, measurement criteria, metrics and actionable insight to minimize corporate risk.

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