LIVALL’s about to Announces its New Generation Remote Controller with SOS Feature

Simple Set Up & Easy Operation, a Smart & Initiative Perfect Match with LIVALL Helmet

Los Angeles, United States, Sept. 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On 14th September, Apple hosted a new product launch event in China and attracted wide attention. The new Apple Watch Series 4 improves its sense of security with fall detection and emergency SOS, a feature of all-round intelligent protection that aroused heat discussion. In this day, with the maturity of technology and its penetration into people’s daily life, better product and service is an inevitable must for people’s life and work.

LIVALL, as an inaugurator and leader in the smart helmet field, is committed to provide users with the best wearing experience by continuous product innovation. By offering innovative, quality, and stylish products, LIVALL wins its industry reputation and user’s recognition as a wearable intelligent sports and safety equipment brand.

As early as February 2015, LIVALL officially launched the world’s first smart cycling helmet BH100, indicating an upgrade from the passive protection of traditional helmet to initiative protection. Functions of this smart helmet include SOS Alert, Intercom & Bluetooth voicing and LED Smart Warning Lighting has dramatically improved rider’s safety. SOS Alert, a function that automatically initiating message via LIVALL Riding App to your emergency contact when rider is in the event of an accident (SOS Alert can be cancelled within 90s) ,or an international SOS lighting signal at the back of the helmet for attracting pass-byers attention for help. LIVALL’s smart helmets are widely used in cycling, urban commuting, snow sports and other special industries. LIVALL brand ranks top in many world-renowned newspapers, magazines and media and stands out from other helmet brands. Thanks to the explosive growth of smart helmet users and the irreversible intelligentization trend, LIVALL wins its popularity and reputation and established its leading position in the industry by building an innovative brand that has gained over 30+ awards, 10+ certificates and 170+ patents.

Innovation is the fountain of development. LIVALL, with the technological innovation as its soul, has never stopped its pursuit of product innovation. Adhering to the philosophy of perfectionism, LIVALL has been build its image as an elite original brand by constantly introduce new concept and products in the intelligent wearable sports industry.

In order to offer a solution for rider’s main concerns in daily riding, LIVALL is about to launch a new generation of smart remote controller BR80 with SOS warning feature, an upgrade of its smart SOS alert. Rider is capable of initiatively activate this function by pressing the button on the smart remote controller for 5 seconds to send real-time SOS alert message without being noticed when being threated, robbed or encounter other uncontrollable critical situation, initiative protection for the rider is achieved.

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The new generation BR80 employs a compact design, 50x30x30mm only; a plug-in installation, and an intuitive design with 4 arrows and HOME button, simple and user-friendly; a button-style lithium battery, approx. 2-years standby duration, easy to replace; extra lightweight and IPX4 waterproof plus a one-button trigger the real-time SOS alert when encountering a critical situation without being noticed makes this BR80 a perfect match with LIVALL’s smart helmet.



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