Industry 4.0: How to manage the change and prepare leaders

The manufacturing and engineering industries are on the cusp of a fourth industrial revolution that will see artificial intelligence transforming every aspect of our operations. Manufacturers and engineering firms need to start preparing now, to pro-actively manage change and keep ahead of the curve.

Festo has produced an extensive White Paper – All Change for Industry 4.0 – to enable leaders and managers to effectively plan-ahead. This White Paper provides the knowledge leaders need to overcome the challenges that Industry 4.0 will present.

All change for Industry 4.0 White Paper includes:

  • Five ways that change itself is changing.
  • How leadership 4.0 must adapt to meet those changes.
  • Models and tools to help plan and map your change journey.
  • Key signs that your organisation is falling into reactive change.
  • Effective ways to communicate change.
  • What managers need to deal with the challenges.

Download Festo’s White Paper at

Implementing Industry 4.0
Festo is running courses from September to November to help leaders implement Industry 4.0. Developed for upper management, decision makers and executives with responsibilities for innovation and strategic development. Courses take place over two days at Festo in Northampton.

Information on Implementing Industry 4.0 can be found at

Dates of the Open Courses are:

  • 12/13th September 2017
  • 24/25th October 2017
  • 14/15th November 2017

All open courses will be held at Festo in Northampton.
Festo can run in-company courses in any location.
More information can be found at Festo Didactic

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