Cedar Strat Announces a successful American Association of Petroleum Geologists meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 11, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cedar Strat announces that Dr. Alan Chamberlain’s nine presentations at the recent American Association of Petroleum Geologists meeting in Las Vegas were well received.  Those who attended appreciated learning how to financially benefit by acquiring Federal oil and gas leases in the Great Basin of western Utah and eastern Nevada and selling them at a profit.  Mostly they benefited learning where to acquire prospective leases using Cedar Strat’s “treasure map” or structural contour map on the top of the Mississippian Joana Limestone and how Cedar Strat used it to identify 165 structures covering 20M leasable acres.  Dr. Chamberlain generously shared how Cedar Strat created the map.

One-day personal geological briefing to know where to purchase leases

After the press release of September 27th many have expressed their frustration that the late notice did not give them time to attend the meeting so they could meet Dr. Chamberlain in person.  Therefore, for a limited time, Dr. Chamberlain is accepting appointments for personal one-day geological briefings on how and where to acquire Federal oil and gas leases.  For the more active adventurer Dr. Chamberlain is also taking appointments for three-day helicopter-supported fieldtrips to show why he believes that the Great Basin is the most underexplored basin on the continent and where a Nevada oil well kept the record for the most prolific onshore flowing oil well in North America at 4,000 barrels a day for ten years.  Making an appointment promptly could insure that you have an opportunity to meet Dr. Chamberlain personally, as his calendar is quickly filling up.  Also, the weather window in Northern Nevada, where Dr. Chamberlain shows oil coming out of rocks on the outcrop, may soon close due to late fall snow storms.

Dr. Chamberlain strongly recommends that interested parties bring a consulting geologist with them for the one-day geological briefings and/or three-day helicopter-supported fieldtrips to confirm the geological merits of the region.  Perhaps the most concentrated group of available experienced consulting geologists can be found at the Houston Geological Society (713 463 9476 or Email: office@hgs.org), which could make recommendations.  Interested parties can make their appointment for their personal geological briefing and/or fieldtrip with Dr. Chamberlain by contacting Mr. Rick Bailey (rick@cedarstrat.com or 702 682 0202).

Source: EnergyUtility

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